The Artist Behind Loveleemine

Hello friends! My name is Jasmine, I am the owner and creator of Loveleemine :)

I was born in Seoul, Korea but raised and living in sunny, southern California.🌞

Growing up, I've always loved drawing. I probably started drawing ever since I discovered a pencil as a toddler. I grew up loving Sailor Moon, stickers, planners, and all things cute and whimsical. Although I studied animation in college, I am currently working as an independent illustrator & designer, running my online shop.

I first opened my shop on Etsy in August of 2017, selling my art prints and handmade journaling & planner stickers. It started out as a hobby work, just a little fuel to keep my passion for drawing alive. But to my sweet surprise, it quickly took off into much more :)

It may be surprising, but my original character, CoCo (she is the happy face & logo of Loveleemine), was created during a low season of my post-college life. A period where I was struggling as an artist, and wasn't sure what next steps to take. I begin to express my feelings in my journal with doodles of CoCo. Drawing her was not only therapeutic but she also brought a lot of joy into my work.

As I launched my shop and put out more drawings of CoCo, mainly planner stickers of her in variety of expressions and situations, my shop began to grow. I created Cilla and Daisy (CoCo's best friends), and later Roy (CoCo's love), Tater, Tot, and Cinnabun (CoCo's pets) as a sweet addition to the Loveleemine family. I would often receive messages from my sweet customers about how much they love the characters, and wanted to see more of them in my work & shop! It made me so happy to know that my drawings had the ability to heal and brighten up someone’s day :)

And to this day, I want to give thanks to all of you who have been supporting my work and for all of your awesomeness. I am able to do what I love to do because of the encouragement that I receive from all of you, and for that I could not be more grateful.💖